Who We Are

We are a U.S. based provider of unique dental industry support products and services that ensure the success of independent dental professionals in the new world of digital dentistry.

We provide:

  • Robust manufacturing support using state-of-the-art digital milling and 3D printing equipment to provide high-quality products with quick turnaround times at the lowest operating costs and without significant investment.
  • Broad array of digital dentistry equipment and supplies at prices only available to major purchasers. Cadmus Dental provides the guidance and counsel to make the right choice the first time.
  • Business support services and strategic counseling to assist member entities to grow and prosper using industry leading practices and procedures.

A Note From Our Founder

12 years ago, I had the unbelievable opportunity to join my father, Peter, in a short-lived venture called etkonUSA™.  It was short-lived because we were bought by Straumann™ after only 2 years into the CAD/CAM startup.  It was quite the adventure and blessed us with the ability to meet some of the finest professionals of the world: the dental lab technicians.

It wasn’t long after we got acquired that I started to see the writing on the wall: the big companies of the world were slowly starting to take over the dental lab industry and buy up labs and manufacturers one by one.  I knew it was only time before the industry would shrink and consolidate.  It was at that time that I vowed to myself that if I ever had the opportunity to have a company of my own, I would go back to where we left off prior to the acquisition and help the independent lab owners of the world be able to survive the onslaught, actually GROW their businesses, AND retire gracefully with a respectable ride into the sunset.

Now, as the dental industry continues to change rapidly, even Dentists and Specialists are under attack from corporations with cookie-cutter, box-type locations in every strip mall in America.

Cadmus Dental™ has been a well thought out venture over many years with one primary goal in mind: Championing the independent dental business owner.

Although there are now several companies that compete for your business, there are few, if any, that really GIVE BACK to the small business owner.  This is part of us being your champion.  Our membership levels will offer increasing amounts of benefits up to and including the ability to get money back as WE grow.  Therefore, our businesses are truly tied together.  If we help you and your business grow, then we too, grow.  And as we are profitable, we will give BACK to you even more to help with your bottom line.

Over the next months, many positive activities will happen at Cadmus Dental, including announcements about our facility, team members and strategic partnerships.  I am sure you will find them as exciting as we do and will be motivated to join our family.  For some of you, it will be a return to what you knew in the initial years at etkonUSA™: family, fun and fellowship among peers always looking to help one another out.  For others, we invite you to join us for the experience on our newest journey.

We look forward to meeting new friends and to rekindling friendships of old.  Welcome to Cadmus Dental!

Warmest Regards,